It’s finally winter

Oh, how long I have been waiting for this! The winter is finally here. Like I mean – the real winter. After a long and cold autumn it came quite suddenly and in just two weeks we got half a meter of snow. I am somehow wondering where this will end, as we’re having winter here until May, but it might has a reason why one of Norway’s most popular skiing area is just around the corner from where we live. Though I still have to learn how to ski, I feel such a relief and joy about the arrival of winter. It has this deep kind of magic. Everything is getting dark and cozy and it’s time to connect with the inner, more mystic worlds again.

As beautiful as it is, winter is also a challenge up here in the north. Temperatures will sink until -20 degrees soon and a lot of firewood has to be made everyday to keep the whole house warm. We have to dig out our postbox everyday and once my car just disappeared under the snow completely. It took about one hour to dig it out, by the way. You can see it in the video below.

Nevertheless winter is by far my favorite season. After in spring everything has awaken again, summer is the time for activity, traveling, projects and social life with bright light the whole day and night. Especially because the summer is so short here, it’s like both nature and humans have to desperately enjoy it as much as they can. To be honest it’s quite stressful for me from time to time. Then the autumn comes quickly and suddenly everything has to be prepared for winter, because the snow can come everyday. And then it comes. Winter has arrived and there is nothing that can be done anymore.


Another year is about to end. Everything is slowing down. It’s getting quiet and peaceful, with cozy hours in front of the fireplace while outside a snowstorm is raging. I think this time is so important. Especially now in this fast-paced world we’re living in. Personally, I have to be so careful to not let life roll over me with all it’s possibilities, but to keep both feet on the ground and stay true to my values and what i really want. For that I am so grateful for the winter. I need it so much. To retreat, digest and to reflect over all that has happened and all that will come. To allow myself to be tired, to recharge my batteries and getting all the strength back to start focused and powerful into a new year.

Besides that winter is of course simply beautiful aswell. It’s a true winter wonderland. The sun doesn’t show up behind the mountains anymore and there are just a few hours of daylight. When then the weather is clear the most beautiful colors appear on the sky. Like it’s sunset the whole day. These soft and vivid lights are making me just want to grab my camera and run out. Which I also do most of the time. Happy winter!


  1. When I tell people that my favorite season is winter and that every year my heart longs for the cold and quiet to come, most don’t get it and think it’s odd. You explained that sensation beautifully.. and seeing that you feel the same makes me feel less alone. Thank you ❤️

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