Hi! My name is Leena Henningsen. Born and grown up in Lüneburg, Germany, I now live in the countryside of Norway. The wild nature around me is my biggest inspiration.


My creative journey started at a young age with a lot of drawing and handicraft work. As a 12-year-old I stole the little digital camera from my father and started with photography. I was fascinated by all the possibilities of Photoshop and fell in love with moving images at the same time. I observed much, got inspired by different creators and taught myself mostly by trial and error. As I always knew that this is what I would eventually do for a living, I was later educated in Screen Design and Digital Film Production. After working at different types of creative agencies, I slowly found my own direction.


In my creative work I like to focus on creating an emotional experience. I like to understand the individual message and help to get it out into the world – with a lot of love for details and the whole atmosphere around it.


If you are interested in starting a project or if you have a general question, you are very welcome to leave me a message at mail@leena-henningsen.de.
I’m looking forward to hear from you!